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Building a Career Trajectory in Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Kristi Hughes

Real cases where traditional approaches have failed… Real people with stories of loss and suffering who find a space where they feel treated as a whole. 

This is what makes the road of functional medicine practitioners so profound in combination with the personal stories that we carry on and pushes us to challenge the standards of care.

Dr. Kristi Hughes has been a Naturopathic Functional Medicine practitioner long before ‘personalized medicine’ and the search of the ‘root-cause’ became house-hold terms. 

In today’s episode, Kristi walks us through an amazing 25-year career; a journey of maturation, gain and loss, authenticity, full of discoveries, lessons and outstanding contributions to the functional medicine community.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Kristi’s journey to the world of functional medicine.
  • What her nutrition awakening years were like.
  • How she helped support the birth of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.
  • How losing his brother led her to implement the art of healthy and integrative living in full. 
  • What ‘Shaking Your Tree’ is and how the program was born.
  • Kristi’s new practice ‘DocereVita’ and Fitness Gym that she launched and operates in conjunction with her husband 
  • When Kristi was introduced to nutrigenomics and how it changed her practice.