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Sculpt Your Success: Fitness Journey With Genetic Testing

Not all workouts are equal, especially not for you. Ditch generic, cookie-cutter fitness plans. Elevate your fitness game by customizing your routine to your genetic profile for enhanced performance and results that last.

Don’t Just Work out, Optimize!

Our comprehensive fitness genetic tests evaluate 157 genes. These include genes related to muscle composition, recovery, fat metabolism, and VO2 max. Understand your body's natural predispositions to tailor your training and nutrition, optimizing for endurance, strength, or agility.

Start your DNA-driven plan now

Elevate Your Fitness with 3X4

Our DNA testing maps out your genetic blueprint, providing a foundation of insights about your body. By decoding your genetic information, we provide actionable insights that allow you to:


Get the Most out of Your Workouts

Learn which workouts play to your genetic strengths so you can train like a pro without the injury risks.


Recover Faster and Come Back Stronger

Is an ice bath for inflammation in your future? Tailor your rest and refueling schedule to what your DNA demands.


Burn Fat and Fuel Performance

Before you blame your stubborn body fat on laziness, science says check your genes! Understand your body's fat-fighting weaknesses and strengths to smarter meal prep.

What Does Your DNA Say?

Our tests dive deep into the genetic factors that influence your fitness, from aerobic capacity and muscle composition to fat metabolism and recovery. These insights empower you to construct a regimen that's as unique as your DNA:


Muscle Potential

Discover if your genetics favor endurance or strength, shaping how you train for results.


Recovery Insights

Learn how your genes influence recovery time and risk of injury, so you can train smarter.


Metabolic Efficiency

Get insights into how efficiently your body uses fats and carbohydrates, allowing for precise nutritional adjustments.


Injury Risk

Identify predispositions to certain injuries, enabling preventative measures for safer training.

What’s Included in Your Test Reports?

Our report covers 36 metabolic pathways across 6 health categories.

Cellular Fitness

Optimize vital cellular processes. Get coverage of key metabolic processes like methylation, oxidative stress, detoxification, and inflammation regulation.

System Imbalances

Identify potential risks related to crucial systems so you can take proactive steps to support healthy blood sugar balance, brain function, bone health, mood regulation, and hormone equilibrium.

Cardiovascular Health

Understand your unique risk factors for vascular issues, high cholesterol, hypertension, and circulation problems so you can prioritize lifestyle changes and preventive action before the disease develops.

Energy Systems

Identify reasons you may struggle with weight management, or exercise intolerance so you can correct metabolism and appetite imbalances and rediscover resilient energy levels.

Activity Potential

Uncover your body's strengths and limitations for power, endurance, injury recovery, and training response. This allows customized fitness programming so you can actualize athletic potential while preventing injury.

Nutrient Needs

Determine which vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you uniquely require more or less of due to genetic factors. Then supplement and adjust your diet appropriately to maximize the benefits.

Your Journey to DNA-Driven Wellness with 3X4

We aim to give you the tools and understanding to make informed decisions tailored to your genetic profile. Here’s how we do it!

Purchase Your Home DNA Test Kit

01. Purchase Your Home DNA Test Kit

Order our simple cheek swab kit, which will be mailed to your door. Clear instructions walk you through quick, easy sample collection.

Send Us Your DNA Sample

02. Send Us Your DNA

Ship back the cheek swab kit in our prepaid mailer. Our lab partners use advanced genomic technology to extract and analyze your genetic data reliably.

Let us Analyze Your Genes

03. Let us Analyze Your Genes

Our experts examine 157 key genes related to lifestyle areas such as nutrition, weight loss, and fitness. We examine complex interactions and pathways to uncover insights.

Receive Your Personal DNA Blueprint

04. Receive Your Personal DNA Blueprint

In a customized report, you’ll receive a detailed blueprint showing how your body uniquely functions plus science-backed recommendations on diet, fitness, lifestyle and more - so you can optimize well-being.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

3X4 Success Stories

Still unsure if 3X4 is right for you? Explore firsthand testimonials from our customers. Here’s what they had to say:

Profile Picture

Janel, 30



“I found out what my body was lacking and with the right dietitian, I now know what diet, exercise, and supplements my body needs.
➡ I lost 14 kgs
➡ I have way more energy
➡ My skin is radiant
➡ I sleep very well
➡ I am more focused and less overwhelmed
➡ Even my house is more organized.”

Profile Picture

Aaron, 50



“I learned how my body reacts to strength and speed training vs. longer/slower endurance training. With the 3X4 report I’ve better understood how my body was impacted with endurance training and fuelling types (protein vs. carbs) and diet inflammation issues such as gluten.”

Profile Picture




“I’ve never been petite. I’d go on a diet, lose weight, but I couldn’t maintain it. I always thought my willpower (or lack of it) was to blame. Only now, after my 3X4 experience, do I know there were lots of underlying reasons for my body’s resistance to weight loss. Since addressing them, I’ve lost 20 kilograms.”

Invest in Your Health With Confidence!

Train smarter, not harder, with a workout built for YOUR DNA. Ditch the guesswork. - Get actionable guidelines now.

*Your purchase is eligible for HSA/FSA reimbursement, and your test ships totally free.

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Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Our test analyzes 157 genes known to be directly related to physical performance - endurance vs power based, training response, recovery, nutrition, and injury predisposition, providing a detailed blueprint for personalized fitness.

We utilize a simple, painless cheek swab test that examines key areas of your genome to reveal lifestyle recommendations for weight loss based on your genetic variants.

Absolutely. By aligning your fitness and nutrition strategies with your genetic profile, you can achieve more efficient and effective results, tailored specifically to your body’s needs.

3X4 genetic tests use advanced genomic technologies ensuring high accuracy in identifying genetic markers.

Our lab processes samples in 3-4 weeks on average, and results are delivered digitally to your online account on the same day they are completed.

Your genetic privacy is 100% guaranteed. All information and connections are encrypted using SSL, and we follow best practices that align with HIPAA and POPI standards. For more details, read our Privacy Policy.

Yes, it is eligible for HSA / FSA.

You would use it in the same way you would use a credit card when paying; simply enter the needed card info. If this does not work, simply pay for the test with your normal credit card, download the invoice/receipt, and submit it for reimbursement.