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Cookie Policy

3X4 may collect information from “cookies” that we send to your device when you visit our website.

  1. Refer to Section 1. Definitions, in our Terms of Service, for all definitions that apply to this policy. The Terms of Service operate in conjunction with this Cookie Policy.
  2. “Cookies” are small text files of information, which download to the device you are using when you access a website.
  3. We may use cookies in order to:
    1. facilitate your website experience,
    2. remember your preferences and tailor the website to you accordingly,
    3. provide to third party suppliers in order to provide services to our website, and display more focused advertising,
    4. compile Aggregated Data that tracks user behaviour to improve the functions of the website and its content,
    5. help with the security of our website,
    6. record how you were referred to our website,
    7. help us improve how our website performs.
  4. Information collected by cookies is not utilized to identify you personally but contain a personal identifier that links your Personal Information with a certain device or IP address.
  5. Some cookies will last only while your browser is open and automatically get deleted when you close your browser.
  6. Some cookies last until you, or your browser, deletes the cookies, or until they expire.
  7. You can disable your cookies in most internet browsers, to stop your information from being collected, however doing so may limit your access to some features of the website.
  8. Our website may contain “Web Beacons”, which only compile anonymous information and not your Personal Information.
  9. You can find out more information on cookies at
  10. This policy may be updated on occasion.
  11. By having “cookies” enabled for 3X4, you authorise 3X4 to collect and use the information gathered by these cookies only for the purposes as specified in our Privacy Policy.