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Find your Tribe and Amplify Your Message with Dr. Wendy Warner

This is an episode many practitioners can relate to. The journey of finding the place where you belong.

Dr. Wendy Warner spent the first 14 years of her career in a conventional OB-GYN practice. In times where no one in suburban Philadelphia was doing botanical medicine, Wendy was already beginning to practice integrative medicine. She had to overcome the feeling of isolation to help others in their healing journey.

In today’s episode, you will discover Wendy’s story and how she was able to find her tribe, the real value of educating others, the power of botanicals, and great tips that those starting their professional practice can’t miss.

Topics discussed:

  • How her family’s interest in botanicals shaped her path to functional medicine.
  • What being an educator really means to her and why it’s been crucial to amplify her message.
  • The importance of finding your tribe to overcome the feeling of isolation.
  • Top advice for new practitioners: pick your expertise.
  • Why functional medicine has seen the most resistance in OB-GYN. 
  • The meaning of holistic, functional and integrative medicine.
  • The risks of a routine use of hormones.
  • How targeted supplementation can be more effective.
  • Why she believes the future of genetics is already happening.