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Food as a Critical Component of Inflammatory Disease with Dr. Tom O‘Bryan

Dr. Tom O’Bryan came out into practice with the recognition that foods are a critical component of any chronic inflammatory disease.

Beyond his impressive understanding of the human body,  the power of foods and how they can trigger body symptoms, what sets Tom apart is the amount of passion and conviction he has put into practice, every day, over the past 40+ years.

He has one piece of advice for practitioners that summarizes all: “Explore the genetics of your soul”.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How antibodies react toward food antigens
  • Betrayal: The Autoimmune Solution 
  • Tom’s road to his professional achievements
  • How cognitive decline is growing and what practitioners can do in the future
  • How Tom’s mentor were essential to keep his passion intact, become a thought leader and make an impact on the lives of others
  • The use of genetic testing in his everyday practice and why he considers them a second tier test
  • What the role of genetics should be in the future.

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