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What Are DNA Fitness Tests?

Whether for the purpose of enhancing competitive sporting capabilities or simply finding the right fitness regimen for your body, DNA tests for fitness are gaining growing popularity. These tests help identify genetic variants that could affect your level of fitness and athletic potential. In this article, we cover what a DNA fitness test is, how it works, and more!

What Is a DNA Test for Fitness?

How wonderful would it be if a simple test could offer valuable information on your body's endurance levels and its ability to build muscle and even recover after a workout?

Luckily, this is entirely possible. A DNA test for fitness is a lifestyle genetic test that specifically analyzes your DNA to pinpoint genetic variants that could affect your fitness potential and athletic performance, while some may even provide you with information on the performance of your metabolism.

How do DNA Fitness Tests Work?

As previously stated, the purpose of a DNA fitness test is to check for genetic markers that may indicate your potential athletic or fitness capabilities. This usually requires a saliva sample, which is acquired by scraping the inside of the cheek using a sterile swab provided by the laboratory.

Once this sample arrives at the laboratory, it can be analyzed and will give you a measurement of your physical aptitude according to your genetic makeup, whether it's your level of endurance, your risk of injuries, or your ideal recovery time.

What Are the Benefits of DNA Fitness Tests?

Personalized fitness advice

If you've tried the trial-and-error method of finding your ideal fitness and recovery regimen, you'll know it can take an incredibly long time, making DNA fitness tests extremely useful! Unsurprisingly, following someone else's advice may not be the best course of action either as what works for one person might not work for another! So to save yourself a lot of time, and quite literally, a great deal of energy, you could take a DNA test for fitness and get personalized recommendations that are tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

Potential to boost fitness levels

Getting a DNA test for fitness is like having a cheat's guide to the best possible physical performance of your life. You may have the option of getting a healthcare practitioner to guide you through what the various results could mean for your fitness endeavors, ie., when it's best to rest and how much cardio or strength training you may need or can handle between recovery times.

Early detection of health risks related to fitness

Knowing how best to optimize your performance is one thing, but many people seem to forget that overdoing certain physical activities (or not doing any at all) can put you at risk of health conditions, and even injury. These tests can help you to detect any warning signs earlier on, which can empower you to take the necessary preventative measures to recover and prevent injury risk.

How Do I Interpret and Use DNA Fitness Test Results?

When you receive your results, various factors may be introduced to you in terms of percentages, these factors may include the way you build muscle fiber, your power and endurance responses, as well as how your specific aerobic system develops, and much more.

Often with these DNA fitness tests, as is the case with the 3X4 Test, you may have the option of gaining access to a healthcare practitioner if you so choose, and they'll guide you in interpreting the results of the test, highlighting the areas in which improvements can be made and what the best way to make those changes may be.

Get fit using your genes!

DNA tests help you gain key insights into the factors that influence many areas of your health, such as brain, heart, and hormone health, your weight, and your fitness capacity.

DNA testing for fitness is a great way to unlock your fitness #3X4supergenes, allowing you to optimize your health, fitness, and lifestyle in the best possible ways for your unique genetic makeup. Try the 3X4 Test today and get the Blueprint to improve your health!