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MTIH Getting Started

Welcome To 3X4 Genetics

This guide provides an overview of 3X4 Genetics’ platforms, how to sign up and place orders, access the 3X4 Community and the MTIH exclusive coupon and mentorship options.

Set Up Your 3X4 Genetics Account

Choose between two payment options when setting up your account. You can always change your payment method later by emailing

Practitioner Pay

You pay for orders immediately

  • You have full control over kit ordering + shipping
  • Simpler for the patient
  • Faster turnaround time
  • As your patient pays you directly, you can charge any price. We recommend bundling services to add value and cover your costs.
  • Simpler for you to order stock in bulk (and get your discount!)
Sign up for Practitioner Pay

Patient Pay

Your patient pays via an email link

  • Longer turn-around time
  • Increased follow-up required from you
  • Must charge for kit + interpretation separately
  • Extra step to place bulk order
Sign up for Patient Pay

Place Orders On Your 3X4 Clinical Portal

Once you've completed setting up your account, you can start placing orders.

Select the Add Order button at the top of the screen and enter the address where 3X4 can ship DNA sample collection kits.

Exclusive MTIH Discounts

Don't miss out on exclusive MTIH discounts. Enter the coupon code below during checkout.


gets you $50 off your first order


gets you 10% off 25+ tests

To order the 25 test kits for your practice, enter your own shipping details when placing the order.

Join The 3X4 Community

Get access to education, mentorship, webinars, and tools, resources & marketing materials

Navigate to the 3X4 Community via the link on your 3X4 clinical portal.

Use the same email address and password to log in to your 3X4 clinical account and the 3X4 Community

Need A Guide?

Watch this video to follow along