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How to Collect Your Sample - a Step-by-Step Guide

Do Not Return Your Sample Without Registering Your Kit

For help registering your kit, please visit: How to Register Your 3X4 Kit - a Step-by-Step Guide.


Steps to Complete Your 3X4 Sample

There are four steps to completing your 3X4 sample:

STEP 1:  Create your profile / Login
STEP 2:  Register your unique Kit Code to your profile
STEP 3:  Collect your sample using a 3X4 DNA Swab Kit
STEP 4:  Send your sample to the lab

This help page covers:

  1. Check the Contents of your Kit
  2. How to Collect Your Sample
  3. Depositing Your Sample
  4. Sending Your Sample to the Lab
  5. Sample Completed

For help registering your kit, please visit: How to Register Your 3X4 Kit - a Step-by-Step Guide.

Check the Contents of Your Kit

  1. Instruction card/leaflet with QR code
  2. 1-inch vial with liquid, with your unique kit code sticker
  3. Swab in sealed packet
  4. Leakproof bag
  5. A shipping bag, with a pre-paid label
Please contact if:
  • Any item above is missing
  • The swab packet is not sealed
  • The vial does not contain liquid
  • Your kit appears to be tampered with

How to Collect Your Sample

Before collecting your sample, wait at least one hour after having any foreign items inside your mouth, including eating anything, drinking anything (except water), as well as smoking, applying lipstick or lip balm, or chewing gum.

  1. Get your vial ready to deposit your cheek cells. After unscrewing the cap, place the vial and cap on a clean, level surface. This is to ensure the liquid does not spill out and the cap does not get contaminated.
  2. Unwrap the swab. Don't set it down, to ensure it does not get contaminated.
  3. To swab your cheek, place the fuzzy tip on the inside of your cheek and roll it up, down and across, for 60 seconds. Avoid letting the swab touch your teeth. The goal is to gather as many cells as possible on all sides of the fuzzy tip, so the lab has enough material to work with.
  4. With the same swab, repeat on the other cheek, to get even more cheek cells onto the swab.

Depositing Your Sample

  1. Without letting the swab touch anything, pick up the vial containing your unique kit code.
  2. The narrowed opening of the vial is designed to scrape off the cell material which means some dexterity is required to insert the swab into the vial steadily.
  3. Holding the vial steady, slowly and gently insert the swab into the vial.
  4. Gently swish the swab up and down inside the vial 15 times, without pulling the swab out of the vial.
  5. Tightly replace the cap of the vial, so that none of the liquid spills out when in transit.
  6. Discard your swab.

Sending Your Sample to the Lab

  1. Place your vial inside the small resealable bag and seal it completely.
  2. Place the small bag (containing your vial) inside the kit tube, and then place the tube inside the labelled shipping bag.
  3. Find your nearest USPS or FedEx location where you can drop off your shipment. The bag provided comes with a pre-paid return label with our lab address printed on it, so you won’t need to pay for shipping.

You have 7 days to drop off your completed sample.

Once you’ve dropped off your sample, it should take 3-4 weeks to ship and be processed at the lab.

Sample Completed

If you need to access the sample collection instructions again, simply select the [Back] button on your profile to go to the previous step.

Thank you for choosing 3X4 Genetics or GENEFIT

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or for any assistance.