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How to Register Your 3X4 Kit - a Step-by-Step Guide

Steps to Complete your 3X4 Sample

There are four simple steps to completing your 3X4 sample:

STEP 1:  Create your profile / Login
STEP 2:  Register your unique 3X4 Kit Code
STEP 3:  Collect your sample using your 3X4 Kit
STEP 4:  Send your sample to the lab


This help page covers:

  1. Kit Contents
  2. Creating Your Profile
  3. Linking Your Kit Code
  4. Linking Your Practitioner
  5. Preparing Your Sample Return

Kit Contents

  1. Instruction card/leaflet with QR code (square barcode)
  2. 1-inch vial with liquid, with your unique kit code sticker
  3. Swab in sealed packet
  4. Leakproof bag
  5. FedEx / USPS shipping bag, with pre-paid label
Please contact if:
  • Any item above is missing
  • The swab packet is not sealed
  • The vial does not contain liquid
  • Your kit appears to be tampered with

Creating Your Profile

After scanning the QR code provided with your kit, you will be prompted to create a 3X4 account or login to your existing 3X4 account. If you are a GENEFIT user, please use your GENEFIT email address and password.

When creating an account, enter your own details so that there is no confusion about which 3X4 report is yours.

Note: If you log out of your account at any stage during the registration process, you will continue from where you left off next time you log in.


Registering for a minor?

If you are registering a minor's kit on their behalf, enter their details when creating their profile to ensure there is no confusion about whose genetic results are linked to the profile.

Helping someone else register?

If you are helping someone register their kit, ensure you enter their details so that 3X4 report is linked to them and not you.

Need to register more than one kit?

Each individual doing the test needs their own profile, with a unique email address and password. Only one kit code can be linked to a profile.

Need to reset your password?

Scan the QR code (the square barcode) that came with your kit, proceed to the login page and then select the Forgot Password option and then follow the prompts from there.

You're a GENEFIT user - which login do you use?

Make sure you use the same email address and password that you used to sign into your GENEFIT app.

Linking Your Kit Code

The kit code (starting with the letters ‘KUS...’) is located on the small vial (2") inside the kit. You will use this vial to collect your DNA sample.

The kit code on the vial is unique to your kit and is used to identify your sample and results. Correctly linking your kit code to your profile is necessary to ensure the lab results are linked to you. Write down your kit code and keep in a safe place.

Important Note:

Ensure you link your kit code to your profile.
Ensure you enter your kit code correctly.
Ensure your sample is collected in the vial labeled with your unique kit code.

Collecting your sample as a group?

Each person should know their own kit code, so there is no mix up when they register their kit or when they collect their DNA sample.


Linking Your Practitioner

Linking a 3X4 Practitioner to your profile allows your practitioner to have secure access to your genetic results.

Orders placed by your practitioner

Your practitioner's unique 3X4 Practitioner Code will be in your order confirmation email.

Orders placed by you on or GENEFIT

If you ordered your 3X4 Test on our website, or via your GENEFIT app, you won’t be required to link a 3X4 Practitioner.


Preparing Your Sample Return

3X4 provides a pre-paid return label and shipping bag for you to send your sample to the lab for processing. Linking your return label tracking number to your profile allows it to be tracked.

You can find your unused and pre-paid return label affixed to the shipping bag inside your kit (not on the shipping bag your kit arrived in). The tracking number is the below the barcode. You can enter the number with or without the spaces.

Note: Please do not skip this step, otherwise 3X4 won't be able to track your sample return.

Thanks for registering your kit!

As soon as you've completed registering your kit, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to collect your DNA sample.

Please reach out to us at for any assistance.