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Nutrition and Genetics: Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou’s Journey to Bring Practical Genetic Knowledge to the Public

In this episode of “The Power of Genetics” podcast, Dr Yael interviews Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou, founder of DNANutriCoach and an expert in the antioxidant effect of extra virgin olive oil. Dr. Konstantinidou discusses her background and education, as well as her journey to becoming a nutritionist and dietician. She talks about the importance of nutrigenetics and how there is a need to educate people on the practical application of genetic research. Dr. Konstantinidou also shares her frustrations with the lack of emphasis on genetics in dietetics programs and the challenges she has faced in promoting nutrigenomics in Mediterranean Europe. The conversation concludes with advice for those starting out in the field and the importance of lifelong learning.

  • Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou discusses her research on extra virgin olive oil.
  • She founded DNANutriCoach and uses accumulated knowledge in clinical practice.
  • There’s a gap between genetic research and its practical application in nutrition.
  • Valentini believes second-career dietitians bring unique knowledge to the field.
  • There’s a lack of emphasis on genetics in dietetics programs.
  • Valentini faces resistance to adoption of Nutrigenomics in Mediterranean Europe.
  • Having a PhD is not necessary to be a successful clinician in nutrigenomics.
  • Dr. Konstantinidou advises people to define their interests and never stop learning.