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Hormones, Healing, and Branding: A Conversation with Melissa Groves, Founder of The Hormone Dietitian

Melissa Groves is the founder of The Hormone Dietitian, an integrative and functional nutrition practice focused on women's health and hormones, primarily Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), other hormone imbalances, and hormonally-driven conditions, as well as fertility concerns. She is a second career dietician who became a dietician at the age of 40. Her original degree was in English literature and dance, and she had initially planned to become a dance critic or writer. She eventually ended up in pharmaceutical advertising and rose to the position of Vice President by the age of 32, working on high-level science accounts. However, the high-pressure work began to impact her life, and she eventually left to become a dietician.

  • She enjoyed the program at the University of New Hampshire and found a job as a retail dietician after graduating.
  • She did marketing work for a private practice dietician and wrote articles for Healthline.
  • She started her own practice and branded themselves as a hormone dietician after working with a functional gut health dietician.
  • Melissa discusses her experience as a writer in advertising and working with clients to define their brand identity.
  • She emphasize the importance of positioning oneself in the marketplace and having a specific ideal client in mind when creating a brand.
  • Melissa discusses the difficulty health professionals face in selling their services and charging for them.
  • She stress the importance of recognizing the value of their work and not apologizing for it.

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