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The Mission To Popularize Functional Medicine with James Maskell

James Maskell is the founder and CEO of Evolution of Medicine and HealCommunity. 

His journey started as a child, growing up in a commune, doing natural medicine from a chiropractor to a holistic dentist and realizing that was not the “normal way” other kids did their healthcare.

He studied health economics in the UK and traded on the world’s biggest trading floor before he decided to follow his interest in healthcare. His work since then has evolved to one mission: popularize functional medicine.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • James’ background and his unique journey.
  • Why James decided to help popularize functional medicine.
  • What is holding back health systems and doctors to adopt functional medicine as standard care and more Personalized Health Care.
  • How they are working to reduce the friction that prevents functional medicine full adoption and scaling.
  • Group structure as a model to deliver care.
  • The role of genetics in this new paradigm.
  • What does the future of medicine look like?
  • A new layer of care between people, the community and the healthcare system.


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