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Creating Strategy and a Clear Roadmap to Accomplish Success with Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne is a veteran of the Air Force and his journey working in the VA hospital, treating veterans was the trigger that shaped his path on to the gluten world.

Tired of the failed pattern of prescribing methotrexate, steroids, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like hydroxychloroquine for pain, he dived into the search of looking for better options. He suddenly realized nobody was talking about diet, lifestyle or nutrition and that’s when he found his why.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How he started researching gluten, fasting, fish oil and their relationship with rheumatoid arthritis and pain treatment.
  • The Impostor Syndrome in functional medicine and how practitioners sometimes get in their own way to breakthrough.
  • The importance of creating strategy and having a clear roadmap to accomplish success
  • What practitioners can do to have more impact.
  • Define your why, set your how and embrace marketing to get your message out.
  • The problem of centralization: when practitioners want to do everything by themselves.
  • How Genetics is in its infancy stage.