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How to Build a Multifaceted, Successful Healthcare Career with Dr. Myles Spar

Dr. Spar’s career journey started out with an ambitious dream: changing a healthcare system that was revolving around prescription writing.

Myles is a leading authority in Integrative Men’s Health and a world-renowned author, teacher, researcher, and TED talk speaker. He currently oversees all clinical programs as Chief Medical Officer of Vault Health. 

While working abroad, he witnessed firsthand how patients in other countries with the same disease status as patients in the US were doing much better. He discovered how the power of community, natural food sources, and increased mobility could make a difference beyond prescription meds.

In today’s episode, you will enjoy the words of a true mentor in integrative medicine who has a multifaceted and unique career journey.

Topics discussed:

  • How the American health system revolves around prescription writing 
  • Dr. Spar’s beginnings doing acute care in various countries for Doctors Without Borders
  • The difference in access to integrative medicine between rich and poor
  • How he found issues related to Men’s health that had not been addressed in a way that was specific to them
  • Advice for professionals to improve their practice and prepare for the future of medicine
  • The value of having a mentor on your career journey and the importance of asking for help
  • Dr. Spar’s perception of the role of genetics and personalized care