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Changing the Conversation from Disease to Health with Dr. Ruth DeBusk

Dr. Ruth DeBusk is a geneticist and clinical nutritionist with expertise in genomics and nutrition in functional medicine. She has a PhD in nutrition with research experience in biology and molecular nutrition and genetics, and is also a Registered Dietitian.

Ruth is the first ever dietician with expertise in nutrigenomics and has extensive research, teaching, and clinical experience and has authored numerous journal articles, textbook chapters, books, and patents. 

She went back into academic medicine with the goal of teaching and training the next generation of physicians on the critical areas of nutrition, genomics and epigenetics.

In  this episode, we chat with Dr. Ruth on the importance of dietetics and genomics in shifting our focus from disease to health.


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Addressing the gaps in physician training and healthcare training
  • How Dr. Ruth became one of Yael’s firsts mentors
  • Why Ruth decided to go down the path of nutrition and genetics
  • How we can optimize our genetic potential
  • Ruth’s foray into the biotech industry
  • Her frustrations and successes in the dietetics space
  • Lessons she learned throughout her career, and her advice for practitioners and nutrition professionals