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At the Forefront of Scientific Wellness and Personalized Medicine with Dr. Nathan Price

Dr. Nathan Price is the Chief Scientific Officer of Thorne HealthTech, a science-driven wellness company that utilizes testing, data, and AI to deliver personalized solutions to consumers, and health professionals.

Dr. Price’s work is backed by a rigorous academic career, having served as a Professor and Associate Director of the Institute for Systems Biology, and as an affiliate faculty member in several departments at the University of Washington.

He has won numerous awards for his scientific work, and has published over 180 scientific papers and given over 200 talks and keynotes.

In today's episode, we go through Nathan’s journey in pioneering scientific wellness, and his contributions to the field of personalized and preventive healthcare.


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Nathan’s work with Lee Hood in advancing the future of systems medicine and scientific wellness.
  • The P4 medicine model and the concept of Scientific Wellness
  • Lessons learned from his work with Arivale, and how it’s influenced his current work
  • How Thorne is utilizing comprehensive testing, AI algorithms, and high quality supplements to promote personalized scientific wellness.
  • How COVID has accelerated innovations in healthcare , and how it has made people realize the importance of health resiliency
  • The role of genetics in scientific wellness
  • Our disease-driven view of genetics, and the need to shift our focus to how genetics affects our system and how we can use it to achieve optimal function