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Bridging the Gap: Monique Class on Integrating Functional Medicine and Mind-Body Healing

In this episode of the Power of Genetics podcast, Dr. Yael Joffe interviews Monique Class, a nurse practitioner specializing in functional medicine and mind-body healing. Monique shares her journey from nursing to functional medicine and her commitment to integrating mind-body medicine for comprehensive patient care. Discover how her personal experience with breast cancer has shaped her understanding of polygenic risk and the importance of an integrative approach in medicine. 

Topic Points: 

  • Monique Class' journey from nursing to functional medicine. 
  • The importance of information and inspiration in functional medicine. 
  • Integrating mind-body medicine with functional medicine for comprehensive patient care. 
  • The role of collaboration and deferring to colleagues with more expertise. 
  • Monique's personal experience with breast cancer and polygenic risk. 
  • The significance of understanding oneself at a genetic and spiritual level. 
  • The importance of mentorship, passion, and curiosity in one's professional journey. 
  • Key qualities to look for when seeking a healthcare practitioner.