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Bringing Functional Nutrition To Everyone with Dr. Deanna Minich

Polarity around nutrition divides people through food and eating. It puts dietary labels and adds an ownership and belonging status that separate us.

Dr. Deanna Minich believes in nutrition as a space for integration. A scientist first who discovered the world of functional nutrition from an unconventional start, working for a large food manufacturer.

In today’s episode, we get to know Dr. Minich’s journey as a functional nutrition leader, how she stands out for changing the way we teach and talk about nutrition, and why she advises us to be expansive in our approach as functional medicine practitioners.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Dr. Minich discovered the world of functional nutrition
  • An overview of her inspiring career path
  • What it means to bring everyone to nutrition
  • Why we need to dismantle and re-create the food pyramid.
  • What the future nutrition professional will look like
  • How functional nutrition professionals can take technology and use it for their advantage
  • Why the role of genetics is multidimensional