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Why Nutrition isn’t Only About What you Eat with Andrea Nakayama

After a story of personal family tragedy, Andrea Nakayama left a successful career in publishing to start her own crusade: leading a movement that could transform the health industry into a system that works.  

Today, Andrea trains and empowers over 2,000 practitioners a year with advanced tools and knowledge to make substantial effect on their own clients’ and patients’ lives.

Tune into this great episode if you want to learn more about the science and the art of the Functional Nutrition practice.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Andrea’s journey and background that led her to start a movement to transform the health industry.
  • Why dietary change is difficult.
  • How inclusiveness is crucial to advance in healthcare.
  • How we can take our systems thinking forward to include different vantage points.
  • Why nutrition isn’t only about what you eat.
  • The role critical thinking plays to fully serve our patients
  • What is professional empathy? The difference between ‘Building the bridge vs Being the bridge’.
  • 3 Roots and branches we should always look at when evaluating patients with any chronic condition.