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Integrating The Multiple Layers of Medicine with Dr. John Dempste

Functional medicine is helping bridge gaps in the healthcare realm and connecting disciplines that once seemed disconnected.

When the ultimate goal is helping patients, integrating the multiple layers of medicine is what puts them at the center. 

Today’s guest is a firm believer in the power of integration and the way the Dempster Clinic works is a big proof of it. 

Join us in today’s episode for a great chat with Dr. John Dempster who has been able to see the value of functional medicine early on and make clever decisions since the beginnings of his career.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • John’s background and why he likes to call himself a health detective.
  • How a story of family loss led him to discover the power of nutrition and food and ultimately go into naturopathic medicine.
  • What optimal aging is and how it’s different from anti-aging.
  • The keys to a centered patient approach and the importance of  integrating the multiple layers of medicine.
  • Advice to newly graduates: how having a clear niche can make a difference when you are just starting
  • Why it’s crucial to look out for your patients’ genetic footprint
  • Why John loves epigenetics and what you can do with it in your daily practice