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Ultimate Guide to Using Genetic Testing for any Condition

How To Use Genetic Testing In The Context Of Any Condition

In the realm of healthcare, there's a pivotal distinction between upstream and downstream strategies. Conventional methods often involve addressing patient symptoms or diseases directly, a downstream approach. However, this reactive strategy is not always sustainable or effective, resembling a journey downstream without a clear destination. Rather than offering hasty fixes through medications or superficial treatments, 3X4 Genetics’ focus lies in unravelling the underlying cause of these symptoms – the 'why' behind them. This approach delves into the root cause, enabling you to not only manage current issues but also potentially avert future conditions.

What we often fail to take into consideration and what we need to start realizing is that we all have our own story, or history – where we live and work, what we eat, how we eat, exercise and of course our unique genetic blueprint.

Genetic testing doesn’t just indicate areas of concern but it provides us with the opportunity to improve our lives by taking the necessary steps toward preventive healthcare. So, what can your DNA reveal about your health? Join us as we explore the realm of possibilities!


Deciphering Health Insights from Your DNA

First things first – let's differentiate between low and high penetrance genetic variations. Penetrance (impact) refers to how likely a person is to show a specific physical trait based on their genetic blueprint. How does my genetic variation impact my phenotype?

High penetrance denotes impactful genetic changes that significantly influence our biochemical processes. Here, genes wield considerable influence, with environment and lifestyle playing a relatively smaller role. In contrast, low penetrance genes, which are included in the 3X4 test, are heavily influenced by our daily choices and surroundings, where individual genetic variants play a lesser role. This doesn't negate the importance of our genes but rather emphasizes the significance of aligning our choices with our unique genetic blueprint.

Society today is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of people who suffer from complex and chronic diseases, from diabetes and heart disease to autoimmune disorders. Unfortunately, the traditional approach to addressing these conditions has failed to take into account the individual in their entirety. The areas of health, wellness, and how we understand ourselves is rapidly moving towards a field where our Health is determined by our Genetics in combination with our daily Choices. Which brings us to the H=G+C™ equation.

While your genes (G) give you valuable insight into your health, we don’t live in a vacuum. At any one moment in your life, you are inundated by multiple elements that can affect your health and change how your genes behave or are expressed. But only looking at health through the lens of genetics can be limiting as it doesn’t provide a clear picture. Similarly, only focussing on your daily choices, in other words what you eat, where you live, stress and all those other elements you are exposed to, can also be problematic. Why? Because once again we’re only getting half of the picture. Your health isn’t just dependent on your genes, OR your diet and lifestyle choices. At 3X4, we don’t believe in this either-or approach. Here personalized health emerges from the interplay of Genes and daily Choices – the H=G+C™ solution.

The Accuracy of At-home Genetic Tests in Predicting Health Risks

Remember that the 3X4 test is not diagnostic, instead, it identifies areas that can be supported to address symptoms and potentially avert future issues. All genes tested in the 3X4 Test are low penetrance genetic variants, which means that the environmental impact is bigger than the impact of a single gene on the development of a condition. This underscores your ability to influence outcomes by adapting your diet, lifestyle, and environment in alignment with your genetic results.

Having a healthcare practitioner navigate these results can be transformative. With the 3X4 Test, you gain a comprehensive overview of your health, with the option to receive expert guidance. This guidance not only helps you comprehend the results but also provides actionable guidelines to enhance your lifestyle.

Seize Control of Your Health Journey!

Elevate your health management today by unlocking the insights within your DNA. Experience the 3X4 Test – a trusted choice among healthcare practitioners worldwide. Embrace a future where personalized health stems from the intricate interplay between your genes, environment and daily choices.