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Follow Your Genetics. Feel Your Best.

Your genetics can uncover the hidden causes of symptoms and help prevent future health conditions. No matter what your wellness goals may be, a 3X4 Genetics Blueprint Report will serve as a valuable resource. Shop 3X4 Genetics Test

Better Health is Just a Swab Away

Make sense of your daily experience—from behavioral trends to physical symptoms—with new genetic insights. You can uncover the reasons behind your metabolic quirks, cognitive patterns, weight fluctuations, and many other health issues or simply optimize your current health goals. 3X4 Genetics is ready to help you take the reins on your journey to better health.

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3X4’s True Power in Action

"I took the 3X4 test out of curiosity, not for health issues. The results helped my practitioner treat my skin condition, alleviate perimenopause symptoms, and lose 18 pounds. Now, I use my children's blueprints as references for targeted lifestyle changes. I'm grateful for the 3X4 Blueprint, which has inspired me to learn more about my body and its unique environmental interactions."

- Jenny

"I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the 3X4 team for creating such an amazing product! The results from your report literally changed my life. Since I discovered that I am sensitive to histamine and started following a low histamine diet, all my symptoms started going away. I have been struggling to figure this out for more than 20 years, and with your help, I was finally able to connect all the dots. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

- Lindie

"I was diagnosed with a degenerative condition. It was merely diagnosed by the symptoms I was presenting, and it seemed to be a lot of guesswork. My lifestyle now is addressing particular aspects of my genes that are misfiring. Your life can improve dramatically. "

- Najwa

"My goal was to find a genetic testing company I could use to benefit my clients’ health. But what I found with 3X4 Genetics was so much more."

- Ruth Baillie

"3X4 changed my clients quality of life. My client was in tears of joy about how much better she feels and how her quality of life has changed dramatically in just 3 weeks!"

- Dana Elia, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition MS RDN

"We were impressed with your organization of the genetic data into key metabolic pathways and the ease of interpretation around these core functions."

- Lisa

"3X4 was the missing piece. This is the missing piece I have been trying to find for my practice, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am that this company exists."

- Brooke Gacek, Clinical Dietician MS RDN

"We have been using 3X4 Genetic testing since April 2019. It has really changed and streamlined the way we can help our patients. 3X4 reports are really done in a way that is understandable and patient friendly."

- Dr. Ledivia Strauss

"It has really changed my practice and has substantially increased my ability to give patients the opportunity for true wellness and deep healing. This is their DNA telling them what they need to do. It is their best medicine. It provides personalized, prioritized interventions, usable from your first read. We should not be practicing without it."

- Toni Marthaller-Anderson

"I've never been petite. I'd go on a diet, lose weight, but I couldn't maintain it. I always thought my willpower (or lack of it) was to blame. Only now, after my 3X4 experience, do I know there were lots of underlying reasons for my body's resistance to weight loss. Since addressing them, I've lost 20 kilograms."

- Arina

"I realized, whatever I'm doing is not working. When I had my genes tested, it made so much sense. You get information that is so personalized, and so specific. It's a recipe created for you. These days, life is very different. I can actually feel the change."

- Vicky

"I was eating healthy and cut out all my known trigger foods, which still didn’t help. My 3X4 Blueprint report revealed that Histamine was the ROOT cause of my migraines! I haven’t had a migraine in months – this has been life changing!"

- Candice

"I am always talking to my colleagues about the genetic blueprint. My personal clients are ICU (very ill) and privately have developmental delay, so I don’t have a large base to refer under myself as a practitioner."

- Randy

Insights Into All Major Health + Performance Areas

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Take the 3X4 Genetics Test and Blueprint Report and discover what you’ve been missing to make better health decisions.

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