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Empowering People To Rewrite Their Health Destiny with Dr. David Perlmutter

Dr. David Perlmutter started his journey from mainstream neurology to integrative medicine, holistic medicine, and ultimately functional medicine, after being dissatisfied with the mainstream approach of focusing on reactive, instead of proactive medicine, or as he calls it, “treating the smoke while ignoring the fire”.

His “aha moment” came after seeing how things like our gut bacteria, inflammation, oxidative stress, genetic predisposition, relate to neurodegenerative conditions. 

He decided to pursue a more integrative approach to treating neurological problems after seeing the success in treating patients with inflammatory and autoimmune conditions like MS, by preemptively improving their immune function. 


In today’s episode, we look into how we can view our genetic profile from a different perspective, and how we can use it to gain significant control over our cognitive destiny.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How David started writing books and giving them out as teaching tools, with the goal of empowering people and giving them the tools to rewrite their health destiny
  • Why we should look into the genetic ecosystem of diseases like Alzheimer's, and see how this can become an optional condition
  • How to view our genetic profile not as a sentence, but as a result of thousands of generations of refinement to give us the best opportunity for survival and disease resistance
  • Sample cases of reactive vs. proactive medicine, and why we need to focus on treating the underlying problem, not the manifestations of a disease
  • David’s advice for those transitioning from Western primary care medicine and nutrition into the world of functional, integrative medicine
  • How we can utilize tools like AI to look at a variety of variables to gain information on how to advise patients in terms of specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • The need to shift away from the notion of genetic determinism