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Discovering the Potential of Epigenetics with Entrepreneur Scientist Ryan Smith

In this episode of the Power of Genetics podcast, Ryan Smith shares his journey as an entrepreneur and scientist in the fields of epigenetics and diagnostics. He discusses the importance of maintaining scientific integrity and finding something you're passionate about in order to truly succeed in any field.

Ryan shares his insights on the potential of epigenetics in predicting a variety of outcomes related to age and chronic diseases. He highlights the importance of tracking outcomes and using data to prove the efficacy of treatments, which can be challenging in a field that is constantly evolving and subject to regulatory issues. 

Throughout the conversation, Ryan emphasizes the importance of finding a niche and staying focused on one's goals, no matter how difficult or unconventional they may seem. He shares his personal experience of successfully building a compounding pharmacy business before ultimately leaving to pursue his work in epigenetics and diagnostics. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Ryan Smith's journey as an entrepreneur scientist. 
  • The importance of maintaining scientific integrity and being passionate about your work. 
  • The potential of epigenetics in predicting a variety of outcomes. 
  • The need for larger and better data sets to create more accurate algorithms. 
  • The need for a focus on preventative medicine and managing age as a primary risk factor. 
  • The definition of epigenetics and how it differs from genetics. 
  • The ability to measure gene expression and how it impacts health. 
  • The significance of epigenetics in reading insights from lifestyle, diet, and nutrition. 
  • The challenges in measuring epigenetic data, including the need for cell type-specific and time point-specific data. 
  • The first ever interventional trial on epigenetic age marks, led by Steve Horvath and Greg Fay from UCLA. 
  • The Trim Trial and its aim to drive down the ages of patients using metformin, growth hormone, and DHEA.