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6 New Surprisingly Delicious Plant-Based Recipes For Feb.

We’ve tried and tested them all, except for one (not saying which..fine it’s the pancakes recipe, which seems foolproof anyways right?) Put these no-brainer surprisingly veg-based meals in your rotation this month and thank us later 

They’re all superb but if I had to choose the Veggie Burger is mind-blowing and I never thought I’d say this but I actually prefer it to a meaty patty, for flavor alone…

Which plant-based recipe will you try first? Click, cook, eat, repeat!

Are we trying to say everyone should be vegan or permanently plant-based? No. Here’s a previous post all about the pros and cons of plant-based diets. Do we think just about everyone can benefit from eating more vegegies on a regular basis? Yes! Here’s 5 Ways To Eat More Plant-Based Meals in 2020.

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Shout out to Healthyish, A Couple Cooks, and The First Mess for making, shooting, and sharing these delicious and nourishing recipes with us and the world. If (when!) you make any of these at home, why not snap a pic and share it on the ol’ socials, tag #dailychoices so we can insta-celebrate your good decisions